Friday, January 6, 2012

48 and counting...

My career allows me the opportunity to travel the world. In my free time, during travel, I like to CrossFit. What started out as a way to keep me active while on the road quickly turned into an obsession. I found myself asking myself who knows when the next time you’ll be in Paris. Wake up, get off your ass, and find a box! In 2011 I was able to visit 47 boxes covering 3 continents, 6 countries, and 12 states.( Before I got serious about CF I hit a box in Canada (2010) too.)

 My hope for this blog is to provide a forum for people to reach out to other athletes talk up their boxes, ask for recommendations of boxes in locations they may be traveling to, and generally promote the CrossFit way of life. Along the way I also plan to expose others to the variety of crossfit boxes out there and what each one may have to offer. That being said I don’t claim to be a firebreather and likely never will be (although that doesn’t keep me from trying). I also don’t claim to be an accomplished writer (as I’m sure I will demonstrate time and time again). I’ll be honest and acknowledge that I took English 101 twice in college. Writing just ain’t my thing but maybe if I had something I was interested in to ramble about I might be able to spit out a coherent thought or two.

So if you are planning to travel somewhere and need a recommendation check out the “Recommend a Box” tab if you’re lucky somebody may hit back with some sound advice.

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