Monday, January 9, 2012

Locals Only

Last week the owner of CF Fuse(Troy)and I decided to take a morning and go make some new friends. Our day started @ 0800 where we dropped in at Jet City CF ( ) in south Seattle (Georgetown) for Death by Pull Ups followed by 10 min of Max distance rowing. The box is tucked away at the north end of Boeing Field in an industrial area. No signage for Jet City CF on the outside, a large red/white sign with 1115 S. Elizabeth St can be seen from the street, and its located next to "Troll Motors". Andrew the coach was cool and definitely knowledgable. If you ever drop by make sure to check out their homemade reverse hyper machine!

 Next we hauled over to Stoneway CrossFit ( in the north part of Seattle for their 0930 class. We we're coached by the owner Scott Rodriguez through a creative mini wod of 30 burpee blasters (burpee, toes to bar, pull ups), 100 med ball squats, 75 abmat sit ups. 10 min to complete as many of the challenges as you could. Then a met-con of 6 front squats (65lb), 6 lunges (no bar, 6 back squat (65lb). Amrap 12 min. Easy to find box just north of downtown Seattle. If your in town January 14th stop by and check out the "Resolution Revolution Throwdown".

Next we headed to CrossFit Amped in downtown Bellevue for the 1200pm class. Amped embodies the word "energy". Good music, lots of people smiling, athletes warming up. You can almost always find the two owners Izzy and Rob in the lounge area () The workout here was also two phased. First 8 x 25m sled pushes (225lb)w/ 8 burpees after each push. The metcon consisted of 15-12-9 DB Thrusters (40lbs) and pull ups. The two wods together made for agreat combo of power and cardio. The box is easy to find worth the visit. If you hit Seattle you have to check out CF Amped (

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