Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach

Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach !  Summed up in one word, ENERGY.  As people walk by the front door of RCMB they can't help but take notice of whats going on inside.  Music blaring and tons of people getting busy, all right on the main drag of Miami's famous South Beach. As with a lot of successful businesses, location is everything, this fact is obvious with Rebok CrossFit Miami Beach.  In the first 22 days of March they have had over 120 drop ins.  While I was there visiting with coach/business partner, Gabriel Balzola, no less than half a dozen people came in and asked questions about membership and three times as many stepped inside the door to see what was going on.  Coach Gaby says they get all types of walk ins, everything from swimsuit models to middle age men looking to recapture their youth.  Just a couple weeks ago they had a guy walk in on the day they were doing 12.3, that guy had never done crossfit before nor did it look like he had worked out in quite some time.  That guy knocked out 14 muscle ups on his first effort of .3 .... #SMH

Location actually has another interesting twist into the success of RC Miami Beach.   Coach Gaby shared with me how they came to be one of the few Reebok branded crossfit boxes.  The ownership group opened this particular facility in January of 2011. A few months later as luck would have it Coach Glassman himself was in Miami on an unrelated business trip, he happened to drive by one early morning and take notice of CrossFit Miami, fortunately for them he decided to stop in.  A large AM class was in full swing.  Co-Owner, Mike Alfaro walked up to Coach Glassman, not recognizing who he was, and actually tried to sign him up for an intro session.  A gracious Coach Glassman introduced himself and let Mike know how much he liked the location and what they had going on.  A phone call or two later, a few months pass , and the rest is history,  CrossFit Miami Beach becomes Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach in September of 2011.   Coach Gaby and his business partners feel very fortunate to have the full support of Reebok and experience the rapid success they have enjoyed. 
The night I dropped in was an "off night" and there were still 20 people in the 7:30pm class.  Although they have plenty of floor space I would suggest calling ahead if planning a drop in as most classes average 30-40 people.  The wod was 20 min to find a 1 rep max Thruster followed by a met-con of 50 burpees, 20 KB push press R arm/ 20 KB push press L arm, 25 burpees, 10 KB push press R arm/ 10 KB push press L arm.  The class was led by Coach Stephanie a former long time gymnast that has successfully transitioned to crossfit and routinely beats the men in the gym. 


RCMB consists of 5000+ sq ft plus an additional 1500sq ft fenced in out back (the outside is totally covered with rubber mats!) .  At the check in counter they have a small pro shop featuring Reebok gear.  They currently have extensive plans to redesign the entire gym making better use of the space for their 420+ members.  Some of the proposed upgrades include a coaches lounge, moving the current pull up rig (from Rhinoco) out back and installing a new bar system inside, and installing locker rooms with showers.  Coach Gaby claims their biggest attribute is their quality coaches which he believes to be the coolest in all of Florida. 

If you're a member of another affiliate and want to drop in it costs $20, if you're not then the fee is $30.  RCMB t-shirts are in big demand and they sell out quickly.  If you happen to be there when they're in stock they cost $20. 

One last note of interest... the ownership group responsible for Reebok CroosFit Miami Beach is in the final stages of developing another Reebok affiliate in New York City. Stay tuned for Reebok CrossFit 5th Avenue!

Ever wonder what happens to O-bars when they die?

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  1. I don't remember Steph ever beating me!!