Sunday, April 1, 2012

CrossFit 305

Man, where to even start with my expedition to Miami? I crammed in a lot of visits, 5 affiliates,  for only 5 days on the ground.  As I said in a few tweets during my trip, CrossFit is beyond alive and well in Miami.  So much energy in the boxes I visited.  The majority of the gyms report to have well over 400 active members! 

I guess I'll start with the first affiliate I visited, CrossFit 305.  I visited 305 based off a recommendation from an athlete that used to train there and I was not disappointed.  305 has a unique feel due to the shape of the gym itself.  The stark white outside of the building is offset by the yellow and black paint scheme on the interior.  It has large roller doors on three of the four sides each of which have, for lack of a better description, old school prison bars over them. I think it looks really cool and for that reason it sticks out in my mind.

I opted to do 12.5 here, at the first box, rather than delay it and wait until I was tired from additional wod's over the weekend.    With the three overhead doors open, a cool breeze blowing through, and the sun shining outside I figured this was good a day as any to get humbled by another Open workout.  This particular class was small and the gym relatively quiet when I arrived. The small class size allowed coach Pete Kazanas to take the time to analyze everyones thruster technique and offer me some good advice on improving my form before we started.  Pete is an experienced coach and fierce Games competitor placing 8th in the SouthEast regionals last year.
About 3 min into the workout it felt like the breeze had stopped and the temperature jumped up about 20 degrees.  Turns out Florida has this thing called humidity and it sucks (if you're not accustomed to it).  When I left Seattle, one day prior, I was in a tights, a sock cap, and a hoodie at the box.

CrossFit 305 has approximately 200 members doing crossfit and another 200 in boot camp classes.  I really liked the layout of this particular box, it didn't feel as "cookie cutter" as a lot of the other ones I come across.  One thing I found to be exceptional was their Resources section on their webpage. Great content, thourogh scope of topics, and well organized.
305 has a sister gym, CrossFit A1A, loctaed on Miami Beach approximately 20 minutes away. 

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