Monday, January 2, 2012

It may not be what you think...

So I feel as though I should provide some background on how my addiction started. I married a wonderful woman in March of 1996. The "incident" happened shortly thereafter. We needed to make room for "her stuff" in the closet. Understandable, right? All I had to do was part with my t-shirt collection from college. "Who needs this many old ratted out t-shirts?! We'll buy you new ones...ok?" Learning early on to pick my battles wisely, I begrudgingly agreed and moved on. Over the next few years I again amassed a nice collection of police and SWAT related t-shirts. In 2005, I changed professions and subsequently had to move across the country. My t-shirt collection again fell victim. I know, tragic right!?

And then it happened, a coworker introduces me to this new workout craze called CrossFit . It took me a few weeks but, eventually I gave CrossFit a try. Like most virgin's to Crossfit the first wod left me humbled and exposed serious gaps in my training. I was both crushed and hooked all at once. I laid on the floor mentally and physically devastated by what most crossfitters would consider a warm up. My college education centered around fitness and more specifically strength and conditioning. I had spent years doing the standard Back and Bi's on Mon., Chest and Tri's on Tues., 30 min on the treadmill, etc... routine at various franchised gyms. I felt as though I had a strong grasp on what it took to get someone into shape. Man, was I wrong. As a consolation for my poor performance the coach gave me a t-shirt to wipe away my tears and that's when my addiction was reborn.

My blog isn't about my eternal pursuit of fitness but my mission to have the coolest t-shirt collection ever! (That’s not entirely true.) I now have over four dozen t-shirts from affiliates I visited in 2011. The byproducts of my illness is that I get to visit a lot of really cool boxes, meet some great people, and be a humble part of the community known as CrossFit.

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