Monday, April 16, 2012

IMT CrossFit

IMT CrossFit another gigantic box with a massive, passionate membership in the greater Miami area.  IMT, is owned and operated by the same dynamic group that runs Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach. It's obvious where the energy and intensity I experienced at RCMB comes from.  IMT is not without it's  problems, though.  A problem, I imagine, most other affiliate owners would love to be stricken with, uncontrollable Growth.  Four out of the last five years IMT has had to move to a larger facility to accommodate their ever increasing clientele.  They believe their new 10,000 sq ft facility should hold them for a while and more than accommodate their 420+ athletes.

The night I visited they had 4 wods going on at once and there was still plenty of room.  I know what you're thinking...How can you have quality coaching with so much going on?  After 4pm they staff the box with a minimum of 3 coaches. 
Some athletes were knocking out 12.5 while the rest were involved in a wod consisting of 3 x 8 minute Mini wods dubbed "Stations From Hell". 

Station 1
30m Burpee broad jump
60m O.H. lunges(45/25)
90m Plate run (45/25)

Station 2
25 Double unders(75 singles)
250m Row

Station 3
8-Cln and Jerk (135/95)
8-Toes to bar

Being a new box location they are great example of integrating technology into the gym. They have a simple to use bar code reader for clients to check in allowing the management to easily track their clients.
Located approximately 20 minutes South of Miami International Airport.  Drop in fees are $15 and shirts are $20.  Being that they are associated with Reebok they have a small selection of Reebok gear in their office/ coaches lounge.  One thing that I found unique was Gaby's attention to the quality of work environment for his coaches.  He was adamant that he wanted to provide an environment his coaches not only wanted to work in but hang out in as well. 

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