Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gables CrossFit

At every box I  visit, I  ask "If I were to hit any other box in this city, which one should it be?"  At 3 of the 4 previous gyms I visited in Miami, CrossFit Gables came up as the box I needed to visit.  No one was able to truly articulate what made Gables such a great box, just that it was a top notch gym. 

Located approximately 10 minutes East of the airport in the quaint downtown of Coral Gables. I'd say it is probably the most convenient gym to visit if you end up on a long layover at Miami International.   I happened in on a pretty sleepy Monday morning,  for a small class of 7-8 athletes.  Two of the participants happened to be fellow traveling crossfitters from Aspen, CO.  The guy (I apologize, but I suck with names and have totally forgotten his name) who travels extensively mentioned to me that he was up to 27 boxes visited.  I told him that was awesome and that Gables was my 64th.  HA.  It's always cool to meet people that have a similar passion for CrossFit. 
Today's wod was called "Syaonara Open" being that it was the Monday after the end of the CrossFit Games Open. It consisted of backsquat "21's" @ 135lb.  You know the classic body building routine, I remember doing them for biceps, 7 partial reps in the top range of motion, 7 in the bottom range, and 7 of the full range.  The metcon was a good quick wod... 3 rounds of 10 burpees, 400M run, 10 burpees, Two minutes of rest in between of each round. 

The 3500+ sq ft space is spacious enough to handle their 500-600 membership. I wasn't charged a drop in fee and unfortunately they didn't have any t-shirts available. 

I hope I get a chance to hit Gables again for a big class and experience the energy I'm sure they have with such a large membership. 

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