Thursday, March 1, 2012

CFNE: House of Champions

     If I had to sum up my experience at CrossFit New England up with one word it would be "business".  Not that the athletes and coaches weren't friendly.  Quite the opposite.  The mood I felt when I walked in was that of focus.   Would you expect anything different from the home box of the reigning CrossFit Games Team Champions.  No one was just standing around socializing.  One guy was knocking out 12.1, a couple others were pushing him along.  Everyone else was in some stage of warm up or appeared to be into a wod of some sort.  It didn't take long before I was identified as a stranger and was greeted by Coach Mel (Ockerby).  You know the one that crushed Fran in the Team Finals?!  Soon after greating me she called the class to attention  and we got down to the business of mobility.  (I learned how to floss my hips.)  Good thing to know. Next she broke down the deadlift into very concise steps and then it was time to get to work.
The wod was called "Dark and Stormy"  25 Deadlifts @225, 50 Pull ups, 25 Deadlifts @225.  With approximately 20 students in the class we did a stagger start for the sake of pull up space. 
Did I mention Heather Bergeron @ 7months pregnant was two spots behind me?  Knocking out the wod with the women's RXweight (155lb).  And I'm happy to report she beat me by :16sec with a time of 6:47. I'll just say it...That's F'n impressive!  Not beating me, that happens more often than not, but the whole extremely pregnant status and gettin' busy with deadlifts and pull ups.  Oh and after cool down she started another wod. 
The opportunity never really presented itself for me to have a conversation with any of the coaches about the general factoids of the gym.  However I'd estimate the box to be about 4000-5000sq ft.  Plenty of equipment.  And I believe somewhere over 300 members.

  Lots of t-shirts (and thongs) for sale.  I wasn't charged a drop in fee, t-shirts were $25, and CFNE is located about 25 minutes West of Boston in a town called Natick.  Most definitely worth the trip from Boston if you're in the area.


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