Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CrossFit Boston

CrossFit Boston.  Boston's oldest affiliate is alive and well just across the street from Harvard Business School.  (about 20min from Logan International Airport) Having moved from their original site, on the othe rside of town, six months ago to their new location caused them to lose almost 60% of their membership.  Now back up to a following of over 200 athlete's. They did this by having tapped into the type A dominate student body of Harvard. According to Coach Matt, the heavy course load of the students at Harvard lead to large wod sessions Friday through Sunday.  I can attest to this having dropped in on a Saturday morning.  A competitors session of a dozen athletes was in full swing as I arrived.  My session included nearly 24 athletes and the session after probably another dozen plus.  On Sunday they reportedly have one large class over 25 members. Today's fun was "Tabata This" Row, Squats, Pull Ups, Sit Ups, and Push Ups.  Solid coaching kept everyone on task and proper form was emphasized.

Plenty of open floor space for Met Cons, a dedicated area for Oly lifting, and showers make for a nice gym. Their website has a sweet feature allowing you to take a 360 video tour.    Check it out.  The only drawback is the ceilings.  With standard height ceilings, wall balls are out and they've had to get very creative with their rings.  This is something they hope to remedy in the near future with some modifications. That being said I saw more than one person knocking out muscle ups.  A perk of the location is they are right down the street from Harvard's athletic stadium which has a track and a ton of stairs for those warm weather wods. 
Drop in fees are $20 and a shirt was $20 as well. I didn't schedule the session but a call or email in advance is advised due to their large class sizes.

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