Friday, February 24, 2012

Reebok CrossFit ONE

I'll start by saying THANK YOU.  Thank you to Dan of CrossFit Bellevue for getting me the invite to RCF1.  Thank you to the staff at Reebok, especially the CrossFit trainers.  The staff and trainers went out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable.  I believe strongly in the adage "It's all about whom you know" and this is a prime example.  I am very fortunate to have been given this opportunity and to now be able to call some of the staff at RCF friends. 

Reebok CrossFit ONE is located on Reebok's headquarters campus in Canton, MA about 25 minutes outside Boston.  Reebok has approximately 1400 employees and RCF1 boasts a 470 person membership to include the CEO, CFO, and CMO.

The box itself is a crossfitters dream.  At 17000 sq.ft. it is capable of handling dozens of athletes per session.  As you can imagine, there is no shortage of equipment. Staffed by world class coaches, Austin Malleolo, Spencer Hendel, and Caleb Diebolt. A special shout out to Caleb who was saddled with coordinating my visit as well as being my tour guide.  Also on staff are Lindsey Johnson and Denise Thomas, which I did not have the pleasure of meeting. 
One of the requirements for wodding at RCF1 is you must wear "home colors" i.e. Reebok gear.  To meet this requirement, I was forced to visit the employee store and get the appropriate attire. I know rough, right!?  Up until now I was an Inov8 guy but now it's Nano's without a doubt.  Bottom line is they feel more stable.
Now down to business.  The WOD.  Thursday's skill was Snatch Balance.  Not something I was super familiar with.  With great coaching from Kevin Foley and Spencer I PR'd with a respectable 235lb.  The finisher or as they call it the "After Bash" was a double Tabata of Wall Balls (30lb) and V-Ups. 

Following the wod, Austin Malleolo (ridiculously humble and nice), took the time out of his day to have a conversation with me about CrossFit, Reebok, WOD 12.1. By the way, he crushed it with an effort of 134.  Bad ass!  He thinks the best total will be 150 or pretty close to it.  The coolest thing he did was continue the extreme level of hospitality and invite me back to the RCF 1 Open Launch party the next night.  I'll admit I was totally intimidated but there was not a chance I would miss the opportunity. 
I showed up at the box and found over 150 people from Reebok and area affiliates getting ready to get down.  Music blaring, an impromptu Games gear shop set up, a full on Paleo buffet, and some serious focus on the task ahead.   I got to see some great efforts by all level of athletes, from a guy who has lost 65lbs since starting CF a few months ago to watching Spencer throwdown a 124.  By the time the night was over I ultimately fell a few reps short of my wod 1 goal. But it didn't matter this will not be an experience I will soon forget. 

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  1. Ridiculous! I am at home watching reruns of "I Carley" and your at a RCF1 Launch party! This blog my drive me to do something desperate.