Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Couldn't be said any better!

I found this to be one of the most spot on and articulate descriptions of why we do CrossFit.  Very well written Erin!

(An excerpt from an article on the CrossFit Journal by an awesome athlete, Erin Okonek.)

Overall, CrossFit is not a workout program; it is a lifestyle.
I would personally go even further to state that it is my
religion and therapy. Granted, for some of us CrossFit addicts,
it’s about “chasing the rabbit,” competing and becoming
a Firebreather. But most importantly, CrossFit, unlike other
workout programs, makes us better overall people by
creating strong, confident and dedicated individuals.

By suffering through the physical and mental pain of a
CrossFit workout of the day and overcoming the deep seated
desire to quit and avoid the pain, each CrossFitter
discovers within an individual ready to embrace life’s
biggest challenges. Every CrossFitter experiences the
moment when quitting a workout seems like the best
option, when lying down sounds more appealing than...

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  1. She's amazing. I coached with her at CrossFit SoCo.