Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cheese, Chocolate, and Heroes!

Made a stop in Zurich, Switzerland over the weekend and was able to squeeze in two wod's at the local affiliates.  First I stopped in at Reebok CrossFit Zurich.  They have two locations, this one their newest, is located the Hohlstrasse area of Zurich is only about 15-20 min from the airport.  The box is approximately 1500sqft. and is well equipped with Rogue gear.  If you do have the opportunity to visit make sure you check their Zen Planner or drop them an email before you go.  They have a very active membership (200) members and while the box is well laid out realistically can only handle about 8-10 athletes per class.  For my visit I had the "pleasure" of experiencing the main site wod "Destorges".  It's an ass kicker.  The weights aren't too bad but it's definitely a lot of work.

Next I had the brilliant idea of trying to squeeze in one more wod before I left Switzerland that evening.  I made my way to CrossFit Turicum.  (Zurich was originally named "Turicum" when it was founded by the Romans some 7000 years ago.)  I was fortunate to be met by two of the co-owners Beni (35th place in the 2011 European Regionals) and Tibor.  I happened in during an open gym session with about a dozen people working on different skills.  Between coaching the athletes Tibor and Beni had the chance to fill me in on the history of their gym.  Recently having moved into the current 5000 sqft (2500 of which is dedicated to a jiu jitsu qym) location due to membership growth.  Membership is currently around 80 members but growing at a steady pace.  They’re also involved with a local university in developing an outdoor crossfit-like area for thousands of students to take advantage of. 
The WOD for today was "DT".  Another hero wod!  Just my luck.  No excuses but after having done "Desforges" about 3 hours prior, DT was a bitch.

All things considered it was a good day.  Visited two new boxes bringing up my total to 50 worldwide, made some new friends, and attempted to honor the fallen through a small sacrifice of effort and sweat.

(More pictures on the FB page)

CrossFit Zurich

CrossFit Turicum



  1. what can i say brother, you are living the life. keep rubbing our noses in it, under the guise of a selfless posting of the world's best boxes. You bastard! and I mean that officially.

    come home for an ass kicking sometime soon brother!

  2. Glad you had fun. But you know two hero WODs in half a day is just dumb. But I'm jealous like Kang. Speak at you soon.